Granny Smith Apples

The Granny Smith apple ripens to a light green skin and has a pleasantly tart taste. Its tart flavor really comes through when baked and sautéed. Granny Smiths are great for cooking or snacking, and are especially well-suited for use in salads.

The Granny Smith originated in Australia and is named after Maria Ann Smith (1799-1870), who propagated the new variety from a chance seedling. The Granny Smith was widely cultivated in New Zealand and was first introduced into the United States in 1972 by Grady Auvil, a pioneering figure in the Washington fruit industry. Grady Auvil also served as a mentor to CEO Jim Jackson in the establishment of a successful Granny Smith orchard at Royal Bluff.

Granny Smith apples are both tasty and nutritious. In Washington State, Granny Smith apple production amounts to about 12% of the total market share of all apple varieties.