Ambrosia Apples

Ambrosia apples are prized for their crunchy texture, juiciness, and flavor. This variety has a low acid content, which is easier for some people to digest. Also, Ambrosia apples do not oxidize as rapidly as other varieties, thus making it a good choice for salads and other fresh dishes.

Ambrosia means "food of the gods" as described in ancient Greek mythology. Apple growers Wilfrid and Sally Mennell discovered the original Ambrosia apple tree as a “chance seedling” in their orchard in the Similkameen Valley of British Columbia in the early 1990’s.

A few years later the Ambrosia apple was introduced publicly at the annual Apple Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia, and achieved instant popularity. Farmers in many of the world’s prominent apple growing regions, including North America, Europe, Chile, and New Zealand, now produce Ambrosia apples for a worldwide market.